An Update and Small Teaser!

So, what’s the first book about?

What would happen in today’s America if we were to be suddenly confronted with alien life? Would we assume they are hostile? Would we try to communicate peacefully? What would we do? There’s a thousand ways to answer that. Furthermore, what would we do if it appeared that these aliens were simply watching us, hovering over one of our most important cities? Would we assume they’re biding their time? Would we fight?

I’m not sure how we’d react were it to happen. To be honest, I’m not sure, given the rising hostility in our country, that I want to know. I would love to see us react with peace, with open arms.  This is the underlying premise for the story, but what happens after that? What happens once we’ve established first contact?

It’s about adjusting. It’s about adapting.

How does humankind adjust to clear evidence of advanced life? On the smaller scale, how does one person react when confronted with all of this? Do they panic? Do they flee? Do they fight? Or do they try to adapt? Now that is the heart of the story.


We’ve tried almost everything that we can. No matter how many times we reach out to them, all we get is silence. Communication shouldn’t be this hard, should it? Clearly, they’re an advanced species, so why won’t they respond to our attempts at contact?

First contact could have been peaceful…

The first glimpse at life beyond Earth appeared over New York City. Like some extraterrestrial sentinel, it simply hung in the sky, looking down upon the population. The world watched apprehensively for days until finally a smaller craft burst out of the alien vessel.

Major Harley Walker, a US Air Force scientist, is a part of a team that has developed a last ditch weapon to use against the alien threat. Nobody knew what they were doing and even the best in the world could only guess. Now, Major Walker may hold the key to saving mankind.


Starting next week, I’m going to begin releasing a small “mini-chapter” of something set in Unbound universe. I’ll categorize these small chapters accordingly so that in the future, you can easily read them. When one of these stories is finished, I’ll release it in EPUB format. Check back for more details!


–Victoria Donovan

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