Unbound Destiny Out Now!

A few months ago, I released a teaser for Unbound Destiny, but now it’s official. Unbound Destiny is now available on Amazon! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07PP97YVL Digital versions are available now, but physical print versions will be available as early as next week. I hope you all enjoy it! What’s to come though? We’re nearing the conclusion of […]

Chapter One: Duty

My heart skips a beat as the telephone rings. The Caretakers told me yesterday that I needed to be prepared, so I dash over to the receiver and pick up the handset. “Is it time?!” “Yes. Fresam Khaild-Cemi, come prepared for your first Symbiosis Ritual.” I’ve waited so long to hear those words. I can’t […]

Chapter Ten: Vow

“I’m pleased to meet you, Alim Arahni.” Kalarai bows his head in a submissive gesture to my mother. “My dominus is Alim Elikel. He should be arriving soon, with his other second, Monrenth. Let me say this… your son is quite the young man. I’m impressed with him.” A devilish smirk rises on his face. […]

A Lifelong Journey

So, for the past two weeks on social media, I have mentioned surgery and the hospital. A rough day in the hospital actually kept me from the weekly update to Unbound Dominance, even. I thought I would give a little more detail to provide a little glimpse into my personal life. I have mentioned that […]

Chapter Eight: Youth

Three months prior   “Janil, you really need to put yourself out there more. You’re a smart boy. No… young man. You’ll be the perfect addition to someone’s yula.” My mother says to me. Ever since my birthday a few months ago, this topic has dominated seemingly every conversation. It comes up multiple times per […]

Pride Month – 2018

Well, Pride Month is halfway over!   If you’ve read any of the “About Me” stuff that’s listed here on the website, you can probably figure out that Pride Month is something of particular interest to me. I’m pansexual, meaning that gender is irrelevant to me in regards to attraction. I’m also a trans woman. […]