A Lifelong Journey

So, for the past two weeks on social media, I have mentioned surgery and the hospital. A rough day in the hospital actually kept me from the weekly update to Unbound Dominance, even. I thought I would give a little more detail to provide a little glimpse into my personal life. I have mentioned that […]

Pride Month – 2018

Well, Pride Month is halfway over!   If you’ve read any of the “About Me” stuff that’s listed here on the website, you can probably figure out that Pride Month is something of particular interest to me. I’m pansexual, meaning that gender is irrelevant to me in regards to attraction. I’m also a trans woman. […]

An Update and Small Teaser!

So, what’s the first book about? What would happen in today’s America if we were to be suddenly confronted with alien life? Would we assume they are hostile? Would we try to communicate peacefully? What would we do? There’s a thousand ways to answer that. Furthermore, what would we do if it appeared that these […]

About Me and the First Book

You may have already glanced at the “About the Author” page. That’s kind of the short, concise, and kinda impersonal version. So, how about a more personal version? My name is Victoria Donovan, and if you’re here and reading this, you’ve already figured out I’m a writer. I started working on the first book of […]