A Long Overdue Update

Shortly after finishing Unbound Dominance, I began dealing with some health issues which made me put my writing on hold. That, unfortunately, let to a creative dry spell, which has finally started to fade away. 

So, this is the current status of the Unbound Universe!

  • The Sequel to Unbound Horizons was tentatively titled Unbound Futures. I was in the process of editing it when I took my break. It was about 50,000 words longer than Horizons, but I had also decided that it was a bit too long in some ways. As a result, I’ve split the book into two, and I’m current working on rewriting part of it so that I can go into more detail on a few major plot points. I intend to have this book out before the end of the year.

  • Furthermore, I have the draft for the sequel to Futures finished as well. This book is also the sequel to Unbound Destiny. The last few chapters of Futures Part 2 (I haven’t decided the title yet) will set up how characters from Unbound Destiny come into contact with the others.

  • I will be redesigning this website soon. I’ve never been totally satisfied with it, but it’s done the job. Also coming very soon – victoriadonovanbooks.com! This page will be devoted to all of my writing projects, including the Unbound Series. I didn’t include a proper link at the moment simply because I don’t even have the Under Construction page up yet!
  • Lastly, having mentioned the idea of other writing projects, I have been working on a new fantasy work entitled “Serpent in the Dusk.” More details will be available on victoriadonovanbooks.com.

I’m looking forward to getting back to the grind now that my physical and mental health are in much better shape. Keep an eye out for more updates!