Unbound Dominance

Mind’s Sovereignty – Book One


Control. Power. Influence. Supremacy.

Controlling and expanding the largest empire in the known galaxy is a daunting task, but it is one well-suited to the Camfurdian people, whose strict hierarchical culture is obsessed with dominance.

With the goal of expansion in mind, and seeking to establish a foothold in a yet-unconquered region, a Commander, Alim Elikel, has set his sights on a solar system rich with mineral resources. With his mates at his side, he seeks to plant the Camfurdian banner on every planet in the system.

When the terrors of war strike at his family, Elikel is faced with harsh reality that the lines between right and wrong are often blurry. He soon learns the truth that doing what is right sometimes means hurting the ones you love the most.



Unbound Dominance is a science fiction novel following a young man born into a race of warriors who begins to question everything he’s been raised to believe. It features themes of war, but also deals with two opposing cultures, non-traditional relationships, and same-sex relationships.


Unbound Dominance will soon be available in print via Amazon.

It will be made available digitally here for free.