Unbound Horizons

Humanity’s Choice – Book One


We’ve tried almost everything that we can. No matter how many times we reach out to them, all we get is silence. Communication shouldn’t be this hard, should it? Clearly, they’re an advanced species, so why won’t they respond to our attempts at contact?


First contact could have been peaceful…


The first glimpse at life beyond Earth appeared over New York. Like some extraterrestrial sentinel, it simply hung in the sky and gazed down on the world. The world watched apprehensively until finally a smaller craft burst out of the alien vessel.

Major Harley Walker, a US Air Force scientist, is a part of a team that has developed a last ditch weapon to use against the alien threat. Even the best minds could only theorize what might work against this unknown threat.

When the plan goes awry, Harley Walker finds himself trapped. With no way out, he must face these aliens directly.

Can one person be the key to saving humanity?



“It takes an ordinary person as the protagonist, and forces the reader to take a hard look at the limitations of our society by presenting one that has done just that. In addition, it provides honest LGBT representation in a way that is both highly relatable and healthy.” – Excerpt from an Amazon Review


Released October 31, 2018, Unbound Horizons was the first release in the Unbound Series. It features themes of conflict, alien first contact, and also deals with modern social issues, queer themes, equality, and more. It is available on multiple digital platforms, as well as print-on-demand via Amazon.


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