Unbound Destiny

Destiny’s Chosen – Book One


Where does faith lead?

On this planet, two species exist in perfect harmony together. The whole of the Cymali culture revolves around this symbiotic relationship in a religious nature. The Cymal choose their hosts from among the Cymali people, forming a bond that can never truly be broken.

Fresam Khaild-Cemi is a Candidate, a Cymali youth that has the potential to become host to a life greater than his own. His father, a Cymal Host, eagerly waits to hear about the upcoming Symbiosis Ritual. Fresam clings hopefully to his faith.

Across the galaxy, another youth looks back, longing for the time when faith and hope were in abundance. As anxious days turned to fruitless years, this youth realizes that their destiny might not lay where they once thought.



Unbound Destiny is a science fiction novella exploring the themes of duty, faith, and culture. It follows three people – one whose faith asks them to make the ultimate sacrifice, one whose faith asks them to broaden their horizons, and one whose faith has crumbled. It explores what happens when someone yearns to fit into a culture they do not truly understand. 


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