Unbound Destiny Out Now!

A few months ago, I released a teaser for Unbound Destiny, but now it’s official.

Unbound Destiny is now available on Amazon!

Digital versions are available now, but physical print versions will be available as early as next week. I hope you all enjoy it!

What’s to come though?
We’re nearing the conclusion of Unbound Dominance. When it’s finished, I’ll be posting a free EPUB version of it. I’ll also be releasing a physical copy of it that will be available on Amazon. Sadly, it won’t be free, but I hope you’d consider getting a copy if you enjoyed it!

After that? Unbound Futures, the sequel to Unbound Horizons, will be coming soon!

Haven’t read Horizons yet? You can get it here:
Or at many other digital retailers.

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